Day Two Report - A Great Day!

Day two of Swim Open Stockholm was a great day with world performences in the pool. Danas Rapsys started the todays victoryposition with the fast 200 free, 1:47:10. Then Sarah Sjöström won the 100 fly, new world best time 56:26. Giedrius Titenis won the 100 breast, 1:00:15. In that race the swedish swimmers Erik Persson broke the swedish record with 1:00:39 - well done! The IRON LADY Katinka Hosszu, who is swimming all events (17 ones + the premlins) won the 400 IM, 4:40:90. Then Wojciech Wojdak did a great race at 1500 free, 14:54:07. 100 Back, swedish victory again - Michelle Coleman, 1:00:28. 100 Fly, the german stylish swimmer Philip Heinz, 52:12. 50 Breast, swedish star Jennie Johansson, 30:57. And finally 50 back - also here a swede, Gustav Hökfelt, 25:34. Summery a great day with great results. In the evening the fantastic coach Dirk Lange had a frequented lecture with the theme Starts & Turns. A great final of this day - thanks Dirk!




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