Important Information

This year´s great edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm is quite soon coming up. Many of the best swimathletes in Europe from over 30 different countries will race for a total prizeamount of €64000! In the picture we see some of the happy total winners from last year. 

Here´s some usefull information for all coaches/clubs/national team to take:

Accreditations: All swimmers got their accreditations automatically by their entries. But all coaches/staff need to do theirs. Latest the 7th of Mars we need your accreditation. Go here for instructions.

Transfer Form: All foreign teams gets free transfer from/to Arlanda/Clarion is arrival the 3 or 4 of April, and departure the 8 or 9 of April. You get the Transfer Form , fill in in and mail back to  ASAP or latest 7th of April. 

Room/namelist: Fill in the roomlist and mail back to ASAP or latest 7th of Mars. You find it here.

Closing date for entries is the 5 of Mars.
Qualification period: 2017-01-01 to 2018-03-04 in 25m or 50m pool.
ATTENTION: Entry times from 50 m pools will be seeded ahead of times from 25 m pools. 800 &1500 freestyle 25 m times will be converted to 50 m times.
Swedish Clubs do their entries in OCTO.
Danish Teams use Grodan Anmälan. Mail the entryfile to:
Norwegian Teams do their entries in Go to: ”Importer stevneoppsett fra i Victoria».
Finnish Teams do their entries in the Finnish OCTO.
All other foreign teams do their entries with this Lenex file. Then mail the entryfile to
If you don´t have the program, please visit this site for download:




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