Welcome Belgium!

Today we very proudly announce the great Flemish Team Vlaamse Zwemfederatie to Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2019! In this great team we this year saw some renowned swimmers like Pieter Timmers (Very big for the Stockholm audience, the Olympic silver medalist 100 free in Rio-16), the fast butterflyer Kimberly Buys (finalist WC in Budapest), the fast freestyler Lorenz Weiremans, Lotte Goris (fast freestyler and medalist EJC-16) and the two freestyle & butterflyers Dries Vangoetsenhoven  & Sébastien De Meulemeester. We hope for this nice and fast swimmers in the team also next year together with some more great Flandern water atheletes. We are very happy to have this great Flemish swimmer on spot in Stockholm again - Welcome!




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