C-finals = Junior/youthfinals

Today we are pleased to announce a very appreciated and high requested modification for 2019 and 2020!

Swim Open Stockholm has become a very important qualification event to the different championships for many national teams all around Europe. And that not only for the seniors, but also for juniors and youth swimmers.

We are of course proud and happy about that. But as many of you knows the competition in all event has become very high and therefore not many junior and youth swimmers has been able to qualify to the evening finals. And the next generations of superstars need to get the experience to race on highest level also in evening sessions of course. 

Therefore the Swim Open Organization has decide to let the C-finals become junior/youth finals with this updated regulation:

C-finals = junior/youth finals are reserved for girls born 2002 and later and boys born 2001 and later. Youth/junior swimmers qualified for A- or B-finals compete in the final they have qualified to.

For this reason we also has updated our invitations with this new regultation.




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