Welcome Energy Standard!

Today the Swim Open Organisation are very proud to welcome the great team from Energy Standard  to this years event! In the the team we see three high competitive swimmers. The Ukranian long distance swimmer Sergiy Frolov, with two silver and two bronze medals from European Championships, he was also the gold medalist at 800 free at the Summer Universide 2015. The second athelete is the Estonia sprintswimmer Kregor Zirk, he has broken 22 National Records and has won over twenty golds at the nationals in Estonia. 

The third swimmer is known by the name Mykhaylo Romanchuk, yeah you read it right! This long distance mean machine who is the current world record holder at 1500 free in short course (14:15:49). He also won the SCWC in Hangzhou in december after a great race! Yeah, this fantastic swimmer always do the fantastic races, all togehter he has won sixteen different international medals in long distance freestyle as a junior and senior swimmer - a real superstar!

Welcome Energy Stardard!




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