Dear friends,
Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm this Olympic year is quite soon coming up!
It´s going to be a great event this fifth edition, you bring a fantastic nice line-up with so many fast international swimmers from your fantastic teams.
We are really looking forward to see you all in Stockholm and our Swim Open Organisation will do our best to make your stay at Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2020 something extra!

This year we have add some great stuff that will increase the experience even more for both you coaches, your swimmers and the crowd at the stand. What? I won´t tell now, but you will see and be amazed
Below some useful information, and you also find all information at this site.
Coronavirus update,
By the reason of the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) we had some mails the last week from some of you with questions, and therefore we like to inform you all.
This is of course a big thing in media and global, and should be. For the moment the information we have from the swedish government and the city of Stockholm is to stay quite calm about this at the moment.
Espacially in Europe, because in those country who announced they will participant at Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm, the present numbers of infected persons are very few: AUS, AUT, BEL, BLR, CZE, DEN, GB, EST, FIN, GER, GRE, ISR, LIE, LUX, LVA, NOR, POL, POR, ROU, SVK, SWE. We follow continuosly the statistic at
We will continuosly give you update if anything change about the competition, but for the moment we don´t see the risk that the event will not be arranged.
The Coronavirus has got a great interest in media and it´s a big and global challenge to overcome. But at this moment we also have to put this into a comparioson. It´s worth noting that every year around 300 000 -500 000 persons global pass away because of normal influenza, and the mortality of the influenza is around 0,1 %. The Coronavirus, so far, has shown a mortality of 2 %, that´s a lot higher, but the experts global think that´s because of the unrecordes infected persons has not reported, it can be more belike 0,5-1.0 %. And most of the mortality are from persons over 75 years which many already have lower immune system beacuse of other diseases.
With that I don´t won´t low the risks, but we all should be aware of the current status of this Coronoa virus disease in a comparioson.
Ok, now some more information below about the Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm event. And those of you that already has done the thing belows, just be happy
But for the rest of you, the sooner you get back to us with the docs we need, and the entries, the better of course.
And… if you don´t have paid your first amount for the accomodation yet, yeah now it´s time before I cancel the rooms.
Closing date for entries is the 10 of Mars.
Qualification period: 2019-01-01 to 2020-03-08 in 25m or 50m pool.
ATTENTION: Entry times from 50 m pools will be seeded ahead of times from 25 m pools in all events except 800 &1500m freestyle were 25 m times will be converted to 50 m times.
Swedish and Finnish teams do their entries in Tempus.
Norwegian Teams do their entries in Mail the entry file (Lenex or AN) to:
All other foreign teams do their entries in the Lenex entryfile.
Then mail the entryfile to
If you don´t have a program to handle Lenex entries, you can download and install an editor:
The most of you have already done the first payment, and those who hasn´t will have a mail from me later this week about that.
Note that the last day for the rest of the payment is 13th of Mars.
Fill in attached ROOMLIST and mail back to , as soon as possible or latest the 13 of Mars.
If you have room booked that you don´t need, plese get back to us asap with an update. Also see the Invitation about our cancellation policy.

You find the roomlist for Clarion and Quality Globe Hotel here!
For ACCREDITATION all swimmers who are entered in one event will automatically be issued an accreditation without application. Easy for you, and for us.
But all TEAM Leader, coaches and others need to register manually by this link:
ATTENTION: You can only do one accreditation registration at a time, so use the link/liaison for all the stab persons one at a time.
All foreign participants using the official Swim Open hotel reservation get free transfer from Arlanda to hotel on 31st of Mars, 1st and 2nd of April and back on the 6th and 7th of April.
Look for SWIM OPEN signs from our STAFF after you passed the customer, they have very nice black shirts with SWIM OPEN brand.
For departure times at departure day please check transfer with the Hospitality desk at Clarion Hotel.
Transfer other dates and from/to other airports all teams has to arrange by themselves.
Fill in the TRANSFER FORM, save and then mail back to
The sooner the better, but latest Friday the 13th of Mars.
Nordic Swim Tour 2020
As you know Swim Open Stockholm is the last leg in the Nordic Swim Tour with a total amount of prizemoney of €135 000that´s crazy!
And there are still opportunity to do entries to both Helsinki Swim Meet and Bergen Swim Festival. 
If you have any question, about the competition or something else, don´t hesitate contact us.
Welcome to the 2020 edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm!
Best regards,
Dennis Fredriksson
Swim Open Stockholm/Nordic Swim Tour
Sweden Swimming Federation
Tel +46 (0)70 874 95 03




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