Releaseday for Entrylist!!!

Dear friends,
We hope you are all great!
The Swim Open Organization team and our namesponsor Malmsten are really looking forward meeting you all here on spot in Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia. It´s going to be an awsome competition this year, the quality of the participants are spectacular, I think we will share some amazing races, yeah!
The Entrylist is now official at Live Timing! Happy reading
In the Filearchive you also find the statistics and each teams participants.
Ok, below some more things to take in for some of you.

Some of you still has not done your accreditation – please hurry!
All swimmers who are entered in one event will automatically be issued an accreditation without application.
All TEAM Leader, coaches and others need to register manually by this link: 
ATTENTION: You can only do one accreditation registration at a time, so use the link/liaison for all the stab persons one at a time.
It´s important that all participants bring the accreditation all the time during Swim Open.
Most of you has mailed me your Transfer Forms, but some of you we are still waiting for – please hurry!
All foreign participants using the official Swim Open hotel reservation get free transfer from Arlanda to hotel on 6th,7th and 8th of April and back on the 12th and 13th of April.
Look for SWIM OPEN signs from our STAFF after you passed the customer, they have nice black shirts.
For departure times at departure day please check transfer with the Hospitality desk.
Transfer other dates and from/to other airports all teams has to arrange by themselves.
Fill in the Transfer Form, save and then mail back to 
If you have any changes in your team, changes in accomodation etc, please get back asap. If you still hasn´t paid the invoice for the accomodation – do that.
Invoices for starts & accreditations will be mailed out later the coming week.
Ok, that´s all for now – later on you will recieve more information, INFO SHEET, meny at the hotel (yeah ) and other ”good to know” things.
But as for now, we are so much looking forward meeting you all – and don´t hesitate get back to me if you have any kind of questions.
With our main partner Malmsten and the beautiful City of Stockholm we proudly welcome you all to Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2022!
Best regards,
 Swim Open Stockholm Organisation Team




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