Invitations and documents

Very welcome back to Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2022!

We are back!
2022´s edition of Swim Open Stockholm will be an awsome event, and with the date 9-12th of April it´s a perfect last high-class competition as preparation for the upcoming World Championships, and later on the European Championships.

Still we have the covid-19 situation putting us in some difficulties, but we do as good as we can. Eventuelly there will be a bubble like last year, but that and other restrictions are to early to decide for the moment.

At least we keep a decent prize sum, €38 000 - yeah!

Below you find all the necessary documents for the 500 Limited Edition - Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2022.

500 Limited Edition Invitation English

500 Limited Edition Inbjudan Svensk

Prel Entry Form 500 Limited Edition 

Name List Clarion Hotel