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Now the Nordic Swim Tour goes online!
The collaboration between Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm, Bergen Swim Festival and the new meeting Helsinki Swim Meet create the most spectacular swimtour in Europe 2019!

All good things are three!
- The three events in the tour offer a total amount of prizemoney of €129 000.
- Full coverage on EUROSPORT in the european territorie, 39 countries.
- Great event arenas, Erikdalsbadet/ADO ARENA/Mäkelänrinne Swim Center 

You find all information about the Nordic Swim Tour on

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Today we are pleased to announce a very appreciated and high requested modification for 2019 and 2020!

Swim Open Stockholm has become a very important qualification event to the different championships for many national teams all around Europe. And that not only for the seniors, but also for juniors and youth swimmers.

We are of course proud and happy about that. But as many of you knows the competition in all event has become very high and therefore not many junior and youth swimmers has been able to qualify to the evening finals. And the next generations of superstars need to get the experience to race on highest level also in evening sessions of course. 

Therefore the Swim Open Organization has decide to let the C-finals become junior/youth finals with this updated regulation:

C-finals = junior/youth finals are reserved for girls born 2002 and later and boys born 2001 and later. Youth/junior swimmers qualified for A- or B-finals compete in the final they have qualified to.

For this reason we also has updated our invitations with this new regultation.

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Don´t miss to participate at the two other competitions in the Nordic Swim Tour 2019.  Last year two of the lucky winners was Sarah Sjöström and Pieter Timmers. Yeah, there´s some good extra prizemoney in the tour to, you see the regulations in the Invitation for Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm.

The tour start in Helsinki with the new exciting event Helsinki Swim Meet 1-2 of April. Then the tour follows up with the majestic Bergen Swim Festival 5-7 of April. And of course the big grande finale in Stockholm with the great Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 12-15 of April.

You find the eventprogram for Helsinki in this flyer.
And the whole invitation for Bergen you find here.

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Today we, together with our broadcast rights partner Spring Media, agreed with Eurosport that the entire Nordic Swim Tour A-finals will be broadcasted LIVE at Eurosport for both 2019 and 2020! Beside the Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm (12-15 of April) The Nordic Swim Tour also consist of the Bergen Swim Festival in Norway (5-7 of April) and the new exciting finnish event Helsinki Open (1-2 of April).  So a total package of great liveswimming for nine days with many of the best swimmers worldwide will be shown! 

The TV coverage we together with Spring Media and Eurosport create here give this Nordic Swim Tour a higher status compared to any other swimevents and tours in Europe the coming two years. 

For more information contact
Dennis Fredriksson, Manager Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm.

Spring Media is an independent broadcast rights agency launched in 2011 by Torsten Billing, Hans Svelander and José Antonio Moreno. Together the founders have over 30 years’ experience working with sports broadcast rights. The ambition of the founders was to create a fresh and innovative boutique sports right agency with one key objective – to bring value to its clients.

Eurosport is a pan-European television sports network, owned and operated by Discovery, Inc. The network of channels is available in 54 countries, in 20 different languages, providing viewers with European and international sporting events.
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The company AquaFront is one of our important partners for Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm. They has very successfully done race analysis annually at the meet. They offer an easy understanding and high professional tool getting the most important data for coaches and swimmers during the meet. Are you interested in finding a new level in your swimmers development?
Visit Aqua Front and see what they can do for you.

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Often to late, but never to early to buy your place on the stand for next year´s exciting Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm! See here how to proceed.

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Today we are very happy to announce that the highest estimated swedish announcer team with Mike Larsson and Lasse Westholm now are contracted for next year´s Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm! This weekend this duo of magic voices has taking care of the swedish nationals (an event with many great results by the way). Next year will be the fourth Swim Open event for this duo, and we are very proud and greatful to have this kings of swim events behind the mic´s again - Welcome Mike & Lasse! 

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Today we got the first touch of the new medals for Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2019. So nice, looks precious, real masterpieces! 

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Aaaahhh, today they finaly arrived - the desirable tickets for next year´s Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm! As usual limited editions. So... first come, first served. Don´t miss your chance to see many of the best swimmers in the world enter Eriksdalsbadet. Private persons buys the tickets here and Swedish Swimmingclubs buys the tickets here. See you in Stockholm!

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Next years edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm will be almost as powerfull and strong as our great basket carrier team!

And compare to earlier years, next year´s Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm also will be both wider better than ever before. As for today the following teams has made their Prel Entry for accomodation: Eskilstuna, Järfälla, Varbergs Sim, OI Swömming, Sjöbo SS, Södertälje, Petersborough, Rutgers University, ÖSA, Ängelholms SS, Kungälvs SS, Sandnes, Hovudstaden, Bergen, Sigma, Hvidorve, KbSS, Barumssvömmerne, Hamar, Lamberseter, Team Sör/KSA, Belgium/Flanders, Team Germany, Norge, Stavanger, SK Team Sør/Vågsbygd SLK, Team Denmark, Heidelberg, Randaberg, SG Stadt Munchen, Magdeburg, Team Finland, Helsingfors Simsällskap, Neckarsulmer, Landskrona, Täby Sim, Vestkantsvömmerne, KK Karpen, SK Hajen. 

And many more are to come -
Welcome to next year´s edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm!

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