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This weekend the Swim Open Organization like to take a moment and honor our own swedish star Sarah Sjöström. Sarah was this week named for the second time as The Best Female Athelete of the year 2019 from FINA, yeah!    In Gwangju she, as the first female swimmer ever, won five medals at one single World Championship, so impressive, so Sarah!!!

So we celebrate Sarah with a fantastic photo from mr Pro Jo Kleindl from last years edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm.

Congratulations Sarah!

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Each day we come closer to see eachother during four fantastic days in Stockholm. This year the teams and starshines are more and better than ever!

And, of course, also this year we have the
Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm Spotify.
Just follow the link and add you favorites you like to hear at the event, the music that makes YOU the best ever!!!

Welcome to Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2020!

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Today we start the inspiring announcement of some of the bigger stars & teams that will compete at Malmsten Swim Open 2020. And let´s start with one of the brightest female stars ever - Welcome Katinka Hosszu!
The Ironlady´s got a quite impressive track record...
Three Olympic Gold medals (and one silver).
Nine Gold medals at World Championships LC (and 1 silver + 5 bronze)
Seventeen Gold medals at World Championship SC (8 silver + two bronze)
Fourteen Gold medals at European Championship LC (5 silver + two bronze)
Twenty Gold medals at European Championship SC (4 silver + 2 bronze)

So all in all 93 (!!!) international championships medals, wow! We guess she goes for over 100 already this year.

Besides, she´s also the current world record holder in five events. And was named FINA swimmers of the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Oh yeah - and this superstar is also a fantastic ambassador for the sport of swimming worldwide. And she has become a big favorite at Swim Open during the years, she really give times for the fans, always smiling and give her best in all situations - Welcome back Katinka!

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Oh my precious... The Swim Open Organization Team looked with Gollum large & crazy eyes today when the 2020 edition of the Malmsten Swim Open Medals arrived to the office. So nice, so beautiful, so powerful... oh my gosh!

Are you one of the lucky ones??? 

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