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Today we release the invitation for next years awsome Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm - the international swim event that aims higher. 

As always we offer an full olympic program, a perfect organization and for 2022 also added with the usual fully stands and crazy loud audience. With the quite decent pricemoney amounting of € 58 000 and many of the best swimmers in the world doing top performence races it will be a fantastic event! On top of that we also offer a great package for accomodation at 4-stars hotels close to the pool.

We welcome you and your team - our organization will do our utmost to give you a great time at Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2022. Our vision is our mission - to continue building one of the greatest swim events worldwide. And the sixth edition 2022 will be better than ever before, so let´s share the 2022 Swim Open experience!

You find Invitation and all other documents here.

Welcome to Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm 2022!

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The event is going and the fast races are there!

See Swim Open Live by streaming!
Of course you and your fans at home can watch Swim Open by streaming, and the morning session and C-finals and B-finals are for free. You just have to do a registration.
The A-finals are in Sweden Broadcast by Eurosport, but if your fans live outside Sweden they can stream the A-finals also, but has to pay €4,99 for each days A-finals.
How to do? The site is in Swedish…
Okej, if you go here:
And then you point at the Logga in på ditt konto you come to a next page, and in there you press the Har du inget konto sedan tidigare? Skapa ett konto
That means in English ”Don´t you have an account earlier? Create one” So you just press there, do the registration and… voilá

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the tough get going!

We are really ready for tomorrow, all teams are on spot, all tested negative, happy eyes under the mouthguards and a lot of energi everywhere.

This year´s limited edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm is going to be so good, so great - yeah!

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Dear participants,

One week to go before we start this unusual edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm!

We are both happy and proud over the great entrylist, a lot of fantastic swimmers from 22 countries. It´s going to be fast racing de luxe, yeah!
And here you find the preliminary lists for each days´s morning session.

Below you find some useful information, read carefuly, a lot to take into. Also remember to bring all your stuff you need to Clarion Hotel, like snacks or whatever, after check-in you don´t leave the spectacular Swim Open Bubbe untill your check-out. You are there for fast racing, maybe the best performence of your life. Prepare yourself for that, we are!

Preventive infective measures
Health Team Declaration
Arena Information
AG-Tests Swedish Teams
International Tests

The Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm organization Team wish you all a great easter holiday - see you all next week! 

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Dear friends,

It´s less than a month to go before this year´s edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm will be held. The feeling about that is of course both exciting but also a little bit frightning. The current situation is solid but vulnerable, we can just hope the trend will be our friend.

All the most important and preventive infection information for the event you find here, read carefully. A lot to take into.

Ok, a lot forms to fill in, Namelist, PCR test list, Transfer list, and you mail them all latest 10 of March to

And the entry lenex file, also mail that one that one latest 10 of March to

No audience - but do you want your friends there???
No problem, they can be, just follow this link and they buy their own paper figure for just €30 or 300 skr and that way they can join you on spot!

The Swim Open organization team wish you all great preparations!

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Finally friday, and these days a little bit freaky for all of us, some sort of freaky friday!

Today we announce a brand new update Participants List. Yeah, it look real good! All in all great swimmers from 20 countries will attend. We are happy to welcome them all from ARU, AUT, NOR, CZE, DEN, GER, BEL, FIN, ISR, EST, GRE, LUX, USA, SLO, SRB, SVK, LIE, LTU, SEN and of course SWE.

About the Swim Open status. everything looks good for the moment. If nothing special not will come up like a 3rd wave of something else we can´t predict for the moment we are going strong for the plan B, a great plan!

Next week we will mail out more updated information to all team with facts about the Covid-19 tests we will do on spot, both for the international teams and the swedish participants, how we plan for the arena and much more.

But for now, let´s end this week.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

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Dear Friends,
The Covid-19 situations around us all are still challenging, and in the coming 2-3 months ahead we just can hope it´s going to be better.
Therefore we now have to face the fact that we are forced to go for our Plan B alternative with just 350 participants for this edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm.
In this plan we have done a selection of all registered international and Swedish swimmers, and in the attached doc you find all international swimmers (218 participants) we exclusive invite for the event, on top of that we add 132 Swedish swimmers to the total amount of 350 participants.
In our selection we have taken not only the highest FINA Points but also gender and age under consideration. So there will be 50/50 from woman/men and around 35% of the participants in junior age.
It´s still Swim Open – we always aim for the best possible set-up and organization for the atheletes!

So we keep four days competition program to give the best conditions for great performences. All of our best atheletes needs that more than ever at this moment, and we know many of you/them use Swim Open for preparation or qualification to EC and Tokyo.

We also keep the premlins and A-B and Junior finals as usual, especially now it´s very usefull to be able to do more than one race.
And even the reduced number of participants we will keep some prize money, a total of €11 900 (the podium in each event, € 200/100/50).
All selected swimmers has been announced by their team. 
If we still get the big interest from the teams we will continue to build this Swim Open event as good as always. Just a little bit smaller...
Ok, no audience and no television, less prize money and restricted area for swim-off, some slot times for entrance, restricted amount of participants and staff in each area/pool and at the stands etc…

But, the most important is to give all our atheletes the best and safe enviroment for great performences, and that we will provide for sure!
Stay strong & healthy!

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Dear friends,
Swedish Swimming Federation and the Swim Open organization team will start to thank you all for the big understanding you all have showed us with this early and necessary Pre Entry procedure.
And we are very happy about the huge interest in this edition of Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm despite the unsure and challenging time we all share.
We have received over 970 participants from 15 countries in the Pre Entries and as usual high performance swimmers at top level!
We have compiled the List of Participants we hereby preliminary invite for the meet, see attached. The swimmers in the list are sorted by team so you easily can identify them.

It will be not possible to add eventually swimmers to this list further on. And why it´s still preliminary is because of the Covid-19 situation. In Sweden we, for the moment, have restrictions that make an event with this many participants impossible. But we hope we will have new updated information from the Swedish government next week. With the vaccine rolling out and the reduced infected amount of persons we see now, and hopefully also the coming weeks, we have big hopes to run the event.
So what now?
Wednesday the 27th of January we hope we will have more information to you about the restriction that will be the coming months, and then also about the Swim Open Stockholm.
With that information we receive we can either continue with this original plan A, or look at possible options, like a Plan B.
Plan B?
If we can´t get an OK for this many participants, we hope and plan for a reduced event with around 300 participants. Unfortunately that plan B requires no prizemoney to realize.
But why run the event with that few swimmers? It´s all because the importance of races and needs for qualification to EC, Olympics and eventually JEC for the top athletes. So if we need to plan for an event with just 300 participants we will prioritize just the top swimmers from all countries, those swimmers who really need the event for coming international championships.
But at the moment we still work with plan A!
And whatever event we will arrange it will be with full secure around the Covid-19 situation. More information about that we will inform in the INFO SHEET later on.
In the attached participants list you now easily can see your needs of rooms, so please fill in the  Updated Accommodation Form . Please reply to asap or latest Friday 22 of January. This is very important.
We will wait until the 27th of January before we mail out the eventually invoices, that way both we and you can be more confident about the event and how it will be.
At this unsure mode we recommend all of you not book any flights, or if you do book open flights.  
Don´t hesitate contact us at if you have any questions.
Stay strong & healthy!
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Dear friends,
Todays we have start the compilation of the Pre Entrys we have recived, a total of 970 swimmers from 15 countries. Hopefully we can present an official participation list beginning of next week.

Despite the uncertain time we all share for the moment the interest has been very high for this year´s edition of Swim Open Stockholm. And the star quality is there too, with superstars like Florian Wellbrook, Sara Sjöström, Henrik Christiansen, Pernille Blume, Marco Koch, Sarah Köhler, Ida Kulko, Simona Kubova, Jan Micka, Peter Stevens, Erik Persson, Martin Allikve, Michelle Coleman, Caroline Pilhatsch and many more world atheletes. In the list we find more than 135 participants over 800 FINA Points from SWE, NOR, DEN, FIN, LUX, EST, GER, AUT, SVK, CZE, ARU, LIE, SRB, ISR, SLO. 

So the competition will be there, oh yeah! It´s just a small if... at the moment the spread of Covid-19 infections and with that the restrictions needs to lighten up from this current mode of course before we can guarantee the event will be held. But we look at several different options, and we will keep you informed continuously.

The Swim Open Organization wish you all a great weekend - stay strong & healthy! 

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A new year has started, and all of us has got so much power and motivation, we long for the international event again! It shows in the interest for this year´s edition of Swim Open Stockholm, the number of great teams and high class swimmers announce their participation continuously.

As for today we have got more than 40 teams from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Luxemburg, Israel, Poland, Estonia and Sweden. In the list with foreign swimmers we see some great names lika Marco Koch, Jessica Steiger, Yanick Dombrowa, Reva Foos, Henrik Christiansen, Julien Henx, Ruwen Straub, Miikka Ruohoniemi and many, many more.

Have you done your Pre Entry yet? There are still some days to go before last day for registration, the 14th of January.

You find all information about the event here.

Have an awsome weekend, stay strong & healthy!

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