The nordic swim tour 2020

Established 2018 in a collaboration between Swim Open Stockholm and Bergen Swim Festival. 
Together the two great swimevents offered an attractive set-up of competitive event program,
real good prizemoney and nice organization on and around the pooldeck. For 2019 the new exciting
finnish event Helsinki Swim Meet completed Stockholm and Bergen in the Nordic Swim Tour
The Nordic Swim Tour are a great sucess and the 2020 edition for the tour will be awsome!

Full european television coverage by Eurosport
The A-finals in all the three meetings will be broadcast by EUROSPORT in all the European territorium.
So during nine days over 30 million households will be able to see many ot the best international
swimmingstars live! The productions are done and the rights are owned by Springmedia.

Great prizemoney in all three meetings
Helsinki Swim Meet offer a total prize of €25 000.
Bergen Swim Festival offer a total prize of €28 000.
Malmsten Swim Open Stockholm offer a total prize of €58 000.

An extra bonus for the best stars
The best swimmers in twelve different events who has competed in all three meetings get €2000 each.

The total sum of prizemoney in the Nordic Swim Tour is €135 000!

For more information visit or check out the 2020 Flyer