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The rooms at our official Swim Open Clarion Hotel nearby the pool are limited, espacially at the Swim Open rates. So to be sure get your rooms please fill in the Pre entry form - save - and mail to . Swedish clubs use Föranmälan


Closing date for entries is the 11th of March.

Qualification period: 2023-01-01 to 2024-03-10 in 25m or 50m pool.

ATTENTION: Entry times from 50 m pools will be seeded ahead of times from 25 m pools in all events except 800 &1500m freestyle were 25 m times will be converted to 50 m times.


  • Swedish and Finnish teams do their entries as usual in Tempus.

  • Norwegian Teams do their entries in Mail the entry file (Lenex or AN) to:


 All teams will recieve an invoice from the Sweden Aquatics for the starts and accreditations.

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