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Marble Surface

The place to meet different perspectives and new ideas. An open city, available for everyone, and so beautiful. Some call it the Venice of the North for its waterways and lakes. Stockholm lies on a number of islands and peninsulas at the outflow of Lake Mälaren into the Baltic, which here forms a deep inlet. The irresistible charm of its setting lies in the intermingling of land and water — the skerries fringing the coast, the crags rearing up from the sea, the intricate pattern of waterways encompassing the city.

During your stay there are many fantastic thing to see and do in Stockholm. World-class museums, theaters, galleries, and gorgeous parklands await, walking or traveling around couldn't be easier.

April is often a month wich Swim Open sunny warm days, excellent for sit down in the sun and relax with a coffe. And if you prefer to get fast to new attractions there are plenty of alternatives. The excellent underground railway system, the Tunnelbana (T-bana), takes you almost anywhere in the city. A highly efficient and regular bus network fills in any gaps between destinations. Alternatively, a sunny day - take your time time to walk instead, as Stockholm is a terrific charming city to absorb on foot.

Why don´t visit the ABBA museum, or take a tour at the Royal Palace. 

Here you find  more information about the spectacular Capital of Scandinavia.

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