GET READY FOR Swim open stockholm 2022!

Swim Open Stockholm 2021 was a great event! Despite the restrictions over 300 fantastic atheletes from 22 countries competed in the fast pool at Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm. Stars like Marco Koch, Berbora Seemanova, Felix Auboeck, Marius Kusch, Ari-Pekka Luikkonen, Louise Hansson, Lucas Matzerath, Sophie Hanssin and many others did fantastic races on spot.
2022 years edition will be great, 9-12 of April will be a fantastic meeting - Welcome!


The event is going and the fast races are there!

See Swim Open Live by streaming!
Of course you and your fans at home can watch Swim Open by streaming, and the morning session and C-finals and B-finals are for free. You just have to do a registration.
The A-finals are in Sweden Broadcast by Eurosport, but if your fans live outside Sweden they can stream the A-finals also, but has to pay €4,99 for each days A-finals.
How to do? The site is in Swedish…
Okej, if you go here:
And then you point at the Logga in på ditt konto you come to a next page, and in there you press the Har du inget konto sedan tidigare? Skapa ett konto
That means in English ”Don´t you have an account earlier? Create one” So you just press there, do the registration and… voilá

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When The Going Gets Tough...
One week before RACING!
Less than a month to go!
We Keep Up The Good Work!


Sorry... After all years of full house we unfortunately for 2021 can´t allowe specatators at the event.

LIve timing

Check out the start list and results here


See the list of some of the world´s best swimmers that will attend Stockholm Swim Open
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