GET READY FOR Swim open stockholm 2020!

Swim Open Stockholm 2019 was a great event! More than 1100 swimmers from 
30 countries competed in the fast pool at Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm. Superstars like Sarah Sjöström, Katinka Hosszu, Pieter Timmers, Florian Wellbrock, Danas Rapsys and many others did fantastic races on spot in front of full stands.

2020 years edition, 3-6 of April will be a fantastic meeting - Welcome!


Finally Friday, one of the seven best days of the week! More clubs and national teams flows in continuously, that cool. About the tickets, have you secured your place on the stand yet? If not, now is the time for action. The Malmsten Swim Open Organization Team wish you all a very happy weekend!

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Are You Ready For The ACTION?
A Merry Christmas To You all!
Crazy Christmas SWIM OPEN Tickets!
Have A Nice Weekend!


You buy your ticket on Svensk Simidrotts webbshop. 

Private persons click here 

Swedish swimclubs buy tickets here

LIve timing

Check out the start list and results here


See the list of some of the world´s best swimmers that will attend Stockholm Swim Open
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